How to Fold Clothes

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How to Fold Clothes
So many people have a tendency to leave those lovely, freshly laundered clothes on the floor, on their bed, or draped over their chair. Those are not actually where your clothes belong. Learning to fold clothes properly will help you keep them wrinkle-free and your room clean!
Folding Shirts
Use the simplest method. This is one of the easiest methods of folding shirts. It’s best to use on short-sleeve shirts, but can also be used for long sleeved shirts. Start by placing the shirt face up on a flat surface.
• Fold in half vertically with the arms together.
• Fold the arms back onto shirt.
• Fold horizontally, so that the hem of the shirt touches the neck.
• Flatten the shirt. This is optional but it will make the shirt neater.
Folding Trousers
Fold trousers without a crease. This can be anything from jeans to khakis. You’ll want to begin this method by holding the trousers in front of you. From there you’ll fold the trousers vertically, bringing the legs together, with the pockets on the outside.
• Bring the legs to just above the top of the pocket or about two or three inches below the waistline if there is no pocket.
Fold trousers with a crease. You will want to fold your these trousers so that the crease, not the seam is in front (which is what you do with an uncreased pair of trousers). Begin by holding the trousers from their cuffs and making sure the crease is in front.
• Smooth the pant leg and fold in half at the knees, with the bottoms and the waistline touching.
• Bring the knees to the top. Smooth.
Folding Skirts and Dresses
Fold in half horizontally. While it is better to hang skirts and dresses, even if you don’t have the proper skirt hangers, you can still fold them, especially if you’re looking to travel (see the method on travel folding).
Fold again, side to side (vertically). The hem or collar should be inside the folded garment. You will want your folded item to be in a rectangular shape.

Fold a final time. You’ll be folding down, in a horizontal manner. You should end up with a square of folded fabric.

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